Conversations before AUDRA | Azu Tiwaline: "Music should be universal and timeless"

Polished, stamped, and handed over – such was our question-and-answer game with Azu Tawaline, the owner of an extensive psychedelic assortment. Complimenting AUDRA's programme with an ounce of mysticism, our guest spends her time in the desert region of Tunisia. From there, she propagates the inexhaustible well of spiritualism found in one of the most interesting places on Earth.

On the individualism, manifestations of perfectionism, and musical rituals directly from the sandstone tele-bridge Sahara – Kaunas:

Hi. Tell me, what mood are you currently in?

Hello! Well, I’m in a super one. Really happy to be able to spread some vibes in so many amazing places. First time in Lithuania for me, super exciting.

There has been a very successful turning point in your career in recent years. What would you name as the main reason for it?

It’s difficult to answer as for me, there are many factors. But a main one would be the fact that at one point, I wanted to make music that was open and deeply connected to the Invisible. Something that was universal and timeless.

Your music, let’s call it that way, is very earthly. Did living in an exotic country influence a more personal relationship with nature?

Living in Nature, no matter where you are on Earth, greatly influences your spirit and your inspiration. If you live in a very remote place, I mean somewhere, where you feel like you are alone in the Universe - like the desert - that space and silence permeate into all of your cells. It's a magical way to be able to focus entirely on your creativity without being distracted by anything else.

Do you have some sort of preparation ritual that you never forget to do before an event?

I always have some different “grigris”, stones, and crystals on me. And when I take them into my hands before I perform, I ask my guides to help me channel specific energies onto Earth.

What is unique to you in music?

Music is able to bring people together, create a bond, transmit emotions, revive memories, comfort, give strength and energy. And its healing power is infinite.

What book would you recommend to all of your listeners?

“The Cosmic Serpent” by Jeremy Narby.

This year, Kaunas is becoming the capital of culture, and the AUDRA festival is a part of that. Where do you search for inspiration when visiting different cities?

I love hanging out without any purpose, observing people, eating popular food, and digging in record shops. And for sure, I’m always trying to see new alternative art and culture places. Just to catch the vibe. Old historic monuments, especially religious or spiritual ones, also fascinate me. What you can feel inside is so powerful.

Interview prepared by Deividas Verbickas.

The best way to get to Kaunas is by taking a plane to Kaunas Airport (KUN) or nearby Vilnius Airport (VNO). Tickets for the festival will be available on Thursday (February 3) on Resident Advisor.